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Here we are trying to tell you all about Kollur Sri Mookambika Temple and hindu temples around the world.

Sree Mookambika Devi Ashtakam
Namasthe Jagadatri Sadbrahma Rupe
Namasthe Haropendra Datryadivandye
Namasthe Mahalakshmi Kolapuresi
Vidhikrithi Vasa Harirviswmethath
Sijathyathi Patheeyathath Prasidham
Kripalokana Devathe Shakthirupe
Namasthe Mahalkshmi Kolapuresi
Dritham Leelaya Devi Kukshu Hi Viswam
Namasthemahalakshmi Kolapuresi
Yayabhakthavargahi Lakshyanthaetho
Mahayogikolarshi Hridpadmagehe
Sincere thanks to : Mrs.Shelva Suresh, Pokkunnu, Kozhikode, Kerala State, India.

Kollur, Kundapur Taluk, Karnataka State, India.

About 135 Kms from Mangalore, one of the major city in Karanata State. The nearest railhead is Udupi.

Kollur is well connected to Mangalore, Bangalore (Capital of Karnataka State) and Mysore. Regular buses are there from Udupi. Also Kollur is well connected with tourist centers such as Mangalore and Shimoga in Karnataka and Kannanur in Kerala.

Kollur Mookambika Temple Entrance
  • The main statue in the temple is the Shiva Linga called the Jyothirlingam. This Jyotirlingam in front of the image of the Goddess Mookambika is of great antiquity.
  • The great hindu religious leader Sri Adi Sankara was associated with this temple and is said to have spontaneously composed the classic work Soundarya Lahiri here. Sri Adi Sankara is said to have installed the metal image of the Goddess behind the Jyotirlingam. The idol that was installed by Adi Shankara is confined in a copper roofed and gold crested temples.
  • This well known temple is visited by pilgrims from all over India and overseas.
  • At the foot of the Western Ghats. It is is situated at the banks of the never drying river Sauparnika. It is a belief that an eagle (Garuda) called Suparna performed penance on the banks of the river and attained salvation hence the name Sauparnika. It is a pleasant experience to take a dip in the holy river and then head for the darshan of the goddess.
  • Kollur is one of the seven pilgrimages which were created by Parashurama. While the other pilgrimages created by Parashurama are devoted to Lord Shiva, Lord Subramanya and Lord Ganesha, this is the only one devoted to Goddess Parvathi.
  • There are couple of places worth visiting in the neighboring of the temple. One of them is Arasina Makki, a famous waterfall. The Kutachadri range is a beautiful place and attracts a large number of mountaineers and trekkers.
  • Kollur is regarded as one of the Seven Muktistala pilgrimage sites in Karnataka.
  • More will be added soon.

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